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April 26, 2024 2 min read

Inspired by our efforts to reduce waste and love for our handcrafted fabrics, the Waste to Wonder concept was birthed during our 5th anniversary in 2020 using cut off fabrics and trims we’ve accumulated over the years.


The Bargello Dress was our first Waste to Wonder piece, crafted with over 400 hand cut squares, a fusion of textures and colors in a classic Ladymaker A-line silhouette with signature waist dart. It is a true work of art that embodies our passion for creativity and conscious fashion which inspired us to develop the Waste to Wonder collection in honor of World Earth Day 2024.

Waste to Wonder is a step towards sustainable and conscious fashion. We recognize that little steps contribute to great impact and utilizing intricate techniques to convert these off cut fabrics and trims  of textures to create limited edition pieces that are infused with history, character, craftsmanship is our contribution to reducing the environmental impact of textile waste.

To raise more awareness on the environmental impact of textile waste and promote sustainable fashion practices, we partnered with energy and sustainability expert, Ifunanya Dozie. According to her, Waste to Wonder amplifies the issues that currently exist around managing textile waste specifically in a country like Nigeria where we generate a lot of textile waste given the booming fashion industry that we have. Watch the full campaign video below;

We are committed to expanding our Waste to Wonder initiative as a permanent part of our brand ethos. We believe in the power of creativity and sustainability to drive positive change in the fashion industry. By repurposing off-cut fabrics and embracing innovative techniques, we aim to inspire conscious consumption and advocate for a more sustainable approach to fashion.